A Need for a Lifestyle Change

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    Dear RV Diary,

    Last year I started feeling down.  I have a good life and nothing to complain about.  I have been married to a wonderful man, Bill, for over twenty years.  We have a fifteen year old son, Curtis, who is smart, funny, and caring.  Bill and I both have good, stable jobs.  We have a four bedroom house with a two-car garage, two new cars, food on the table, and clothes on our backs.  We made it.  This is the American Dream.  So I asked myself, “What is causing me to feel so down and unhappy all of the time?” I decided I needed a lifestyle change.

    I started with the most obvious.  There is a constant stream of negativity from 24/7 “news” being shoved down our throats. There are televisions everywhere we go.  They are in every restaurant and fast food joint.  There are even televisions, tuned to 24 hour news channels, in the lobby of the building where I work.  The headlines are the first thing I see when I walk in each morning.  Speaking of negativity, my Facebook feed turned into a constant stream of friends and family posting political views and arguing with others who did not share their views.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  All of this negativity was influencing my daily mood.  I had to make a change.

    I decided to cut things out of my life that were causing stress and bringing me down.  I asked myself, “Does this bring me joy?”  If not, I cut it out of my life.  The first thing I did was stop watching the news.  This one step made a remarkable improvement on my daily frame of mind.  Second, I cut every single person from my Facebook friends list except for family members.  This was really difficult.  I enjoyed staying in touch with old friends and seeing pictures of their kids and posts about what they were doing with their families, but it had all gotten way too political and negative.  I thought this was the key to my Facebook happiness.  I was so so wrong.  Within two days of un-friending most of my friends list, a family member posted something political and that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.  I immediately Googled, “How to delete my Facebook account”.  I turned off Facebook and have not looked back.  I am a much happier person without it and I notice that I am much more present with life because I am not being distracted by my Facebook feed. There are many more things my family and I need to remove from our lives.  The basement is cluttered with long forgotten “treasures”.  Our closets have too many clothes that we no longer wear.  I feel a need to purge the junk, simplify our lives, and downsize our home.

    Hi, I’m Cindy!

    Cindy Van Rooy

    Lets go from Rat Race to RV in 3...2...1.

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      I read all your posts. I enjoyed them and the information you provide is informative and helpful.

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      Cindy, looks good and informative.


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