Bill’s Retirement Plan

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    Dear RV Diary,

    Mid-last year, Bill brought up the idea of getting an RV.  I have never been a fan of RV’s because I figured they cost too much to only use for the two weeks per year when we are off work for vacation.  Plus, where would we store it?  And how much would storing it cost?  Due to the Home Owner’s Association rules in our neighborhood, it certainly cannot be parked in our driveway. 

    Bill later suggested we think about full-time RV living when we retire.  He wants to travel and explore places we haven’t seen.  He spoke of maybe retiring in ten years or so, which would be early.  I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to Bill’s idea until later.  He had begun watching RV YouTubers to research his idea.  Come to find out, this RV thing… it’s not just for retirees; it’s a whole LIFESTYLE!  Full-time RVers are so diverse.  There are younger people, older people, single people, married people, people with kids, people with pets, people with kids AND pets.  Who knew?  Oh, and by the way…now he wants to retire in FIVE years.  We are only 46 and 47 years old!

    Although I was a little curious, I was NOT on board with this idea.  I mean, it’s a crazy idea, right?  We don’t have enough saved in our retirement plans to retire in five years!  We probably don’t have enough to retire in fifteen years.  We have a son in the 9th grade.  He will barely be in college in five years.  Bill’s mom is 72 years old.  A very healthy 72, but still, in five years, she may need us.  How are we going to afford to retire early? How will we pay for traveling around the country?  Bill is just dreaming.  There is NO WAY this is really going to happen. 

    The more Bill watched full-time RV living YouTubers, like Keep Your Daydream, Creativity RV, Long Long Honeymoon, AdventureVanMan, Gone with the Wynns, Fate Unbound, and Grand Adventure, the more excited he got about the possibilities.  When I began watching the videos with him, I actually started getting excited too.  I began to see the pull of the RV lifestyle.  I mean, look at all these beautiful places these people are visiting and learning about.  Look at all the exposure to different cultures and people.  And unlike a week-long vacation, they are not on a time crunch to get back to work by Monday morning.

    And wow, there are so many different types of RV’s. Could we live in a class B+ or a C?  They look roomy enough on tv.  Maybe a travel trailer?  What’s the difference between a travel trailer and a fifth wheel?  Why would you choose one over the other?  I have so many questions.  How are these people paying for this lifestyle?  What do they do for an income?  How do they travel with kids; what about school?  How can they afford health insurance? Our research brought more questions to research.  The research was fun though.  It gave us some time each evening to spend together dreaming about our retirement. 

    The more vlogs we watched, I found that my mind was opening up to this crazy idea.  Maybe it wasn’t so crazy after all.  Maybe we were crazy for living the rat race lifestyle we were living. 

    Hi, I’m Cindy!

    Cindy Van Rooy

    Lets go from Rat Race to RV in 3...2...1.

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